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    The eyepatch isnt just for show, you know.

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    There’s a conspiracy in Gravity Falls and it’s time the secrets are revealed! Tune in to an all new Gravity Falls exposé next Monday, October 27th, only on Disney XD!

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    I could not resist this and so this drawing came to be.

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    Can we talk about how Hairspray is a story where a not-conventionally-attractive girl gets the hot guy in the end without having to Become “Pretty.” Because we need more stories like that.

    It’s also story about breaking down the barriers of racism which we also need more of.

    And it’s about nice hair and cheesy dance moves, more things we need more of

    It’s a movie where John Travolta plays a chic, which we need more of

    No. We don’t need more of men in roles which should have gone to plus size women.

    Actually, the role was written as a man playing a woman because it’s a pantomime technique so it’s not like the movie purposely discriminated, It was literally just written that way and it’s probably one of my favourite comedic techniques.

    Actually, the role was written as a man playing a woman because in the original Hairspray movie the role was played by Divine, a radical and influential plus-size drag queen. It is in honor of that original casting and in Divine’s memory that more recent stage and movie adaptations of Hairspray have continued to cast Mrs. Turnblad as a man in drag.

    Also, the eleven o’clock number is not sung by the main character, but by the minority family that is actually in the center of the thematic issues.  The eleven o’clock number is traditionally the show-stopper sung late in the show during which time the MC accepts his or her destiny/self/struggle and gets ready for the final battle.  The fact that this number was sung by someone other than the MC says so much from a theatrical standpoint.  This move acknowledges that the black community is leading the fight against racism.  Not the white girl.  The white girl cares, but it is not her fight to lead.  It is hers to join.  That's the significance of the eleven o'clock.  She is not the saviour.  She's an ally.

    Something else we need to see more of.

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    More details about Disney’s Moana

    Walt Disney Animation Studios revealed plans today for Moana, a sweeping, CG-animated comedy-adventure about a spirited teenager on an impossible mission to fulfill her ancestors’ quest. In theaters in late 2016, the film is directed by the renowned filmmaking team of Ron Clements and John Musker (The Little Mermaid, The Princess and the Frog, Aladdin).

    In the ancient South Pacific world of Oceania, Moana, a born navigator, sets sail in search of a fabled island. During her incredible journey, she teams up with her hero, the legendary demi-god Maui, to traverse the open ocean on an action-packed voyage, encountering enormous sea creatures, breathtaking underworlds and ancient folklore.

    “John and I have partnered on so many films—from The Little Mermaid to Aladdin to The Princess and the Frog,” said Clements. “Creating Moana is one of the great thrills of our career. It’s a big adventure set in this beautiful world of Oceania.”

    “Moana is indomitable, passionate and a dreamer with a unique connection to the ocean itself,” Musker said. “She’s the kind of character we all root for, and we can’t wait to introduce her to audiences.”

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    1. The role and functions of a pawn.


    2. The weakest pieces on the board; numerous; interchangeable; existing to be sacrificed for the benefit of the real players.


    3. Unlike other pieces, a pawn may not retreat. It can only go forward, one step at a time.


    4. A pawn cannot capture a piece that blocks its path. It may only proceed if the opposing piece concedes ground, or if a different route is offered.


    5. The en passant capture is a special move that permits one pawn to successfully attack another without directly engaging it.


    6. Otherwise, the only way a pawn can capture is by going one step forward and to the left or right, in a single diagonal move.


    7. In very rare occasions, if a pawn is allowed to cross the entire board, unscathed…


    8. …it may be promoted to a queen, and, perhaps, turn the tide of the war.


    pats face im always going to reblog this

    are you fucking kidding me

    Wow, that was beautiful.

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    I just… really wanted to draw Astrid’s body.


  10. "Everything’s gonna be OHHHHH-kay"
    — Hiccup literally ten minutes before his best friend killed his dad (via itistimetodisappear)

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